Site Selection Guidance

Once you are ready to expand, finding the right place to establish your subsidiary or EU headquarter is always a tricky step. Again, there are lots of questions to answer to justify the location you are looking for:

  • According to my market and where are the clients
  • According to costs and operational expenses
  • According to the possibility to create partnerships with local actors/universities
  • Availability of qualified workforce?
  • Availability of funding and local supports
  • Quality of logistics and physical distribution network
  • According to languages

This step come even before the kind of legal structure you might want to open. BioLog Europe can, based upon your demand, do research for you and work on different solutions with cost simulation. Whether you are looking for available land, semi-industrial buildings and/or offices to meet your needs, we have a broad network of contacts in the real estate segment.

Where to go ? The Belgian solution snapshot.

Regarding your development plan and the numerous possibilities of where to go, there are places where you can grow at the speed your want with excellent collaboration potential. Belgium offers a wide range of solution where you can start and grow: 

  • The business parks

Wallonia, in cooperation with the eight intercommunal economic development agencies, manages more than 230 business parks with a total surface area of around 12,100 hectares with links to Europe’s major communication and transport networks. These business parks are characterized by the abundant availability of land at reasonable prices.

Wallonia is Europe’s leading logistics hub (conclusion of a study conducted in 2010 by Cushman & Wakefield). This choice position can be mainly explained by:

    • an excellent accessibility to the main  European markets,
    • a central and optimal geographical situation,
    • a superior transport volume and infrastructure, close to the main ports or equipped with high-quality multimodal links with these ports,
    • low costs (for warehousing or labor),
    • The availability of a very productive, qualified and multilingual workforce.
    • Low rents
  •  Incubators or business centers

The incubators that are dotted over the business parks are designed to provide a temporary home to one or several SME in their start-up phase. Mostly planted right in the middle of the business and industrial parks, these buildings offer entrepreneurs: quality premises that are immediately available under attractive conditions, with or without joint services and facilities (telephone, photocopier, meeting room, secretary, internet, receptionist, furniture, etc.).

This formula allows young start-ups to set up in Wallonia, test and evaluate the market, to determine their future development as well as the real estate needs before taking the decision to invest in their own infrastructure.

  • The business centers

Business centers are an ideal launching pad for all companies eager to have immediate access to furnished offices and meetings rooms, a registered address for headquarters or commercial premises, receptionist, complete multilingual secretarial service, office logistics, fax, photocopier, printers, scanner, etc.

  • Co-working spaces

This is a matter of providing entrepreneurs, freelancers and homeworkers interested in the dynamic of working in an open plan space with suitable and equipped premises, while at the same time offering them advice, direction and assistance designed to facilitate the development of their businesses.

  • The welcome offices

The welcome offices have been set up to make Wallonia a technological region within the framework of a global innovation network, by inviting innovative foreign companies to set up in our Region.

This offers foreign companies the possibility of getting used to the European market and of paving the way for a relocation and more extensive outlets.

  • SPOW – the Science Parks of Wallonia

Specific characteristics:

    • Open to hi-tech companies with a R&D focus,
    • Work hand in hand with university researchers.

In Wallonia, these parks have become economic clusters that are witnessing constant growth and are proving to be extremely fertile breeding grounds for innovation in cutting-edge technologies, in particular in the field of biotechnologies and Information and Communication Technologies.

The biggest names in biotechnology in the world have set up operations here, on the same site or close together (SB Biological, SB Immunotherapeutic, UCB, Pfizer, Baxter, Janssen Pharma, Glaxo, Microsoft, Google, etc.)

Six parks are active in biotechnology: The Science Parks of Louvain-la-Neuve, Liège-Sart Tilman, Gembloux-Namur, Mons, Enghien and the Aeropole in Charleroi.