Project Management

1. Short Market Survey

The market research is a major step of your business strategy. If Europe often appears to be relatively small, each country is different from another and might not be worth penerating. There is always lots of questions to answer, data to collect in order to have an accurate information to evaluate and decide whether to go or not…
  • Where are my clients? What is the demand?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • What logistics do I need to get to my clients?
  • Product or service: will there be a demand in the short/long term? Does the product/service need to be modified in order to enter a new market?
  • Resources: How much of your company’s resources can be earmarked for the launch of this new market? How is it evaluated?
  • Competition: is it aggressive? How will you position yourself?
BioLog Europe is often guiding companies on which market to go first, where and why.

2. Supply Chain Management


 An optimized supply chain is key in a globalized world where everything is going faster and the boundaries between countries and continents are getting smaller. BioLog Europe tend to be an expert in the global flow management (from the sourcing until the logistics return).

We are approaching European projects as well as International projects with a special attention to the risk management, the global cost value chain, the efficiency of the supply chain and above all the reliability of the system we are designing hand by hand with the company.

With a special focus and an area of expertise for the supply chain management of life science companies we can help your company in the following challenges:

    • Supply chain strategy design
    • Distribution network design and optimization
    • Inventory management
    • Subcontracting strategy implementation
    • Transport system optimisation
    • Site selection

3. Identification of opportunities for your business development

The neutral position of BioLog Europe and the fact that it is a non-for-profit governmental agency able the team to work with various actors. We are organizing workshops where competitors get the opportunity to discuss together on potential common challenges. If our goal is to make the company’s business successful, it’s important for us to have close contact and collaboration with both private and public actors. Indeed, one key fact of our agency is the ability to reach out with the right person in order to deliver an accurate answer. Another key point is when a company is traveling to Europe and wants to maximize his time, BioLog Europe can prepare a full time agenda and organize different meetings (with the key opinion leader if it’s needed). On an International perspective, the presence of BioLog Europe’s team in different conventions and trade fairs is also the opportunity to listen to the market trends and promote our network.

4. Administrative Support

BioLog Europe can help your company in the administrative tasks. From an initial feasibility study all the way up to signing on the dotted line in concluding the investment, we provide personalized assistance geared to your needs and situation.

We are helping foreign investors to successfully set up and integrate their activities in the selected region. Generally we offer a complete guidance in the following point:
  • to help the company in seeking out appropriate sites and premises;
  • to provide assistance with the start-up, development and diversification of your business;
  • to help the company gain access to venture capital;
  • to provide advice and assistance in attracting suitable human resources;
  • to help the company with setting up training programs;
  • to provide assistance in obtaining subsidies from the Regional and European authorities;
  • to provide legal, tax and logistics support.