Published October 2014

Dow Corning opens health care application center in Europe

Dow Corning is a global producer of silicones and silicone-based technology with more than 7,000 products and services. The firm said two of its most popular medical grade products include liquid silicone rubber and high consistency rubber.

“Europe is one of the health care industry’s fastest growing geographic markets, and we are projecting significant demand across the region for LSR and HCR product lines as well as other health care materials over the next several years,” Jean-Pierre Latere, application engineer and technical service manager for health care at Dow Corning, said in a statement.

The center can provide training on application development using the firm’s materials along with a variety of sophisticated prototyping services, technical support and testing for customers designing new product with Dow Corning’s medical grade silicon-based technologies.

“This expanded application center comes at a critical time for our European health care customers who are increasingly looking to us to more closely support the development of their next-generation products,” Gary Lord, global strategic marketing director for health care, said in a statement.

Dow Corning said the expansion of the application center coincides with the 50th anniversary of Dow Corning’s Healthcare Industries Materials Site, located in Michigan. HIMS manufactures materials for medical, pharmaceutical and health care applications. Both sites are ISO 9001 certified.

Dow Corning said it services more than 25,000 customers worldwide.