Published March 2016

BSMA Europe Conference - 1st European Life Sciences Supply Chain Community Conference - May 19th 2016

The BSMA Europe annual event taking place in Brussels on May 19th 2016 will be the launch event of the BSMA Europe Community. By bringing life sciences supply chain professionals together, BSMA targets excellence and improvements across the supply chain by fostering innovation and exchanges between peers.

BSMA brings a unique expertise from its board members and is driven by supply chain professionals having a large experience in the fields of life sciences supply chain. This allows reaching a higher level of quality than any other dedicated event.

Through interactive panel discussions, debates and presentations, everyone can benefit from others’ experience to optimize its supply chain value, visibility or flexibility. It is also the opportunity to identify unmet needs, to give some input to steering committees or to network with other professionals.


At the conference you can expect to meet and exchange with some of the top leaders of the industry from companies such as Bayer, Baxlata, GSK Vaccines, Biomarin, BioRad, Illumina and many more. Executives with various responsibilities across the supply chain will tackle a large scope of subjects :

Some of the topics that will be presented are:

  • Clinical trials supply chain – trends and evolution
  • Regulatory environment evolution – EU IDMP, GDP, IATA CEIV,… next challenges?
  • Innovation and the future of medicine – evolution on supply chain
  • Balancing costs and risk management to reach supply chain effectiveness
  • Collaboration across supply chain – focus on opportunities for life sciences companies – examples
  • Industry 360°c – advancing the efficacy and integrity of supply chain
  • Impact of M&A operations on the supply chain organization
  • Temperature-Controlled and Cold Chain Supply Chain: Proven Technologies and Practices for Compliance
  • The evolution of the vaccine industry in 2025 and impacts on supply chain
  • The journey to build an efficient IT system and managing supply chain
  • Global evolution of the pharma market by 2030 – trends and impacts
  • Life Sciences Supply Chain and education what is the future of training programmes?
  • SCM career planning
  • Supply chain strategies for new products and new market
  • « The Airport, is it really a controlled environment for bio products? »

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