H.L.C. (Healthcare Logistics Community)

Co-create the future of airfreight logistics from Belgium

Life Science companies are facing a triple challenge: they are under cost, regulatory and sustainability pressure. Nowadays, their logistics departments have a unique opportunity to pioneer the practices of the sector by giving an innovative transport answer to these challenges.

BioLog Europe has initiated a horizontal collaboration project dedicated to improve Healthcare airfreight logistics.

Liege Airport (6th European Cargo airport), thanks to its Flexport® strategy and to its unrivalled development opportunities, is the most fertile ground in Europe for this project to take root in. 
BioLog Europe is currently leading a Healthcare air flows consolidation study. So far eleven companies among the biggest Life Science shippers have agreed to take part in it and have shared their airfreight data under non-discloser agreement.

The principle of the study is the following: under a NDA; Life Science shippers share their inbound and outbound, general cargo and temperature controlled air flows data. These data are then pooled together and analyzed with a view to identify critical mass lanes and propose optimal shipment scenario through Liege Airport. Consolidation is made possible thanks to the neutral position of BioLog Europe allowing compliance with anti-trust regulations. Sharing data and having them analyzed by us isn’t time consuming for the shippers, isn’t binding and is done free of charge.

At the end of the study Life Science Company will be proposed to enter “communities” of shippers. A community is made out of 2 or more shippers sharing the same lanes under the same conditions and using the same collectively approved LSP’s. Part of the added value generated by the consolidation and orchestration is then redistributed among the community.

Identified critical mass lanes will then trigger the second phase of the study. This second phase will aim at designing dedicated GDP handling facilities and procedures integrating consolidations at Liege Airport.

At the end of the day, consolidation will allow orchestration of a “global” supply chain and will generate cost reduction, service level improvement and carbon footprint reduction.