Biolog Europe Activities

BioLog Europe is a Belgian non-for-profit governmental agency whose mission is to help develop the life science industry in Belgium.

Our goal is to provide business support to expansions’ projects into Europe as well as assisting 'Life Sciences' companies (BioTech, Pharma and Medical Devices) in the management of their supply chain challenges.

→ International expansion plans considering Europe

      • We can provide an integration into our vast network of diverse associates (life science industries, governmental organizations, R&D centers, logistic service providers, financial institutions…).
      • We provide business intelligence to market development project
      • We bring a pragmatic consideration of supply chain challenges from sourcing to distribution or reverse logistics and manufacturing.

→ BioLog Europe is also involved in national projects like the creation of a “Heathcare Logsitics Community” or Hospital logistics


We are based in Belgium, in the logistics, administrative and economical center of Europe. What we offer is a perfect understanding of the company’s needs in terms of business expansion, regulatory aspects, logistics requirements, needs for partnerships, R&D,… This is done through our dedicated and specialized approach and thanks to our network.

We look forward to you.

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